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She commented, however, that, although she imagined having a penis, wearing a strap-on and having sex with women with it, there was still part of her that wanted the sex to be lesbian sex because that was part of what got her excited.

"She said, 'I am unsure I'm cut out to be a lesbian because I don't really know what it entails.

He stated, They reported increasing difficulty in being turned on by their actual sexual partners, spouses, or girlfriends, though they still considered them objectively attractive.

When I asked if this phenomenon had any relationship to viewing pornography, they answered that it initially helped them get more excited during sex but over time had the opposite effect.

When a man becomes addicted to pornography, it can become a perceived need rather than a choice for him until he becomes willing to reach out for help.

His use of porn causes a release of the same chemicals involved when a drug is ingested.

Nowadays it is very easy for women to crossdress without being "outed". Apparently, we still are culturally inclined to believe that "fetishes" and "perversions" are limited to the XY part of the human race. A parallel phenomenon is found in the male idea that gay male sex is disturbing, while lesbian sex is OK."She enjoyed having sex as a woman with men but also particularly enjoyed living out her sexual fantasy of being male with a penis.

She was a self-declared bisexual who, apart from having sex with Robert [her husband] and other couples, would also go off to visit female sex workers herself.

We are more likely to be worrying about our kids when we are at work and thinking about work when we are at home.At least this way I'm not really committed because I'm not a woman having sex with a woman but a woman half pretending to be a man having sex with a woman.' ""This highly educated and enormously well read forty-eight-year-old woman 'queer identified dyke' (participant's words) lived alone but was in a very rewarding successful two-year relationship with a woman of her own age.She also reported that she had slept with men and very much enjoyed the experience." O'Keefe reports that when Julia was younger she had felt disappointed that she had not been a boy, often passing as a boy and being pleased by that.She particularly enjoyed the fantasy of raping someone else.This was generally played out with female sex workers who would be accommodating and compliant with the fantasy to her satisfaction.

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