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They were the only models available in the UK at this time and were available with either the 1.4 petrol or 1.4 TDI engines.

This special edition gave the A2 a final sales boost in the UK.[] Lekker/DBM electric version[] In October 2010, an A2 converted to electric power by Lekker Energie and DBM Energy completed an early morning 600-kilometre (370 mi) drive from to on a single charge.

Furthermore, it is only available with Audi's -based "trademark" permanent system.

Its main market competitors include the , C63 , and CTS-V .

The "RS" initials are taken from the : Renn Sport—literally translated as "racing sport", and is the Audi 's highest trim level, positioned above the model specification of Audi's regular model line-up.

Like all , the RS4 pioneers some of Audi's latest advanced technology, and could therefore be described as a "halo vehicle".

Audi also released an S-line version in Germany as of late 2002, with 17" 9-spoke "RS4" style wheels (standard were 15"), sports seats with large side bolsters and lumbar support, special half-leather seat coverings with Pearl Nappa leather and Sprint cloth, leather handbrake handle, perforated leather gearstick and 3-spoke steering wheel and 10 mm lowered sports .

Furthermore, their unique are all , and are oriented.

The is mounted immediately at the rear of the engine in a longitudinal orientation, in the form of a , and contains both a center and front .

Many examples of damage and subsequent repairs can be found in both the UK and German A2 owners club forums, often with tales of personal repair efforts and costs involved.

Since the community is small, it has been seen that the repairer drives an A2 and therefore has an interest in both a correct repair and documentation has been provided in the UK forum.[] Other repair specialisations are subject to denial on the part of Audi both in the UK and Germany, especially when dealing with Open Sky.

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