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On that occasion, according to Fiona Barnett, several young children were shot. So should the media have given prominence to her claims about paedophile Prime Ministers? Should they also have given credence to claims of a high-level cover up? And we think that basic checks would have led almost any media organisation to the same conclusion. She insists the child-hunting story is true and that police are also involved in the cover up, and she told Media Watch: I have been reporting the crimes committed by VIP paedophiles including a NSW Police Commissioner, for many years.Not surprisingly, NSW Police have demonstrated a reluctance to investigate my allegations.Her claims also made headlines in the Daily Mail and in the UKs Independent newspaper, not to mention numerous radio and television stations.

Without her loving guidance and support, I would not be telling this story today.Part of Barnetts reason for speaking out was to claim that this Prime Ministerial paedophile ring has been covered up by people in power.As au reported, she had told her story many times but had always been ignored: Ms Barnett said she had taken the allegations to multiple health professionals in the 1980s, NSW Police in 2008 and approached the Royal Commission in 2013.Recently the media published sensational claims of a VIP paedophile ring that included former Prime Ministers, police and judiciary.But when such serious claims are unverified, they should be approached with caution.

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