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However, you need to accept that Chris expects to be looked after with complete loyalty to him. You are very beautiful and I will choose the appropriate clothes for you." She lead Victoria into her bedroom and opened the full length built-in wardrobe. She'd never seen such expensive clothes for her to try.

He'll arrive soon and tonight will be a test to see whether you can cope with his demands. Tam said, "I'm changing as well and taking a shower.

As he humped her she murmured, "You're so big, Jayson, a bull of a man. imagining you getting the best." "That's my time, my secret." Victoria knew her husband liked to ogle her masturbating if he wasn't asleep. He quickly came into his condom, and rolled to the side. It wouldn't have to wear a condom." She didn't want to take a contraceptive pill because she hoped to get pregnant soon.

Your staying power is awesome, I want only the best and you are the best, darling. But she wanted to wait until Jayson landed a decent acting role, which he said was just round the corner in one of the long-running soaps on TV.

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And the salary was very high, far higher than Jayson could earn. Time flew by and they suggested Tam take her to Chris's penthouse apartment where the interview would continue into the evening.

Tam said, "Your bedroom will be next to mine and we each have our own bathroom." "But I'm married ..." "Don't worry, Victoria, if you get the job you'll have two days off each week, and when Chris is abroad on business he will take only one of us, so the other will have plenty of spare time." The arrangement felt okay. " She really wanted it badly and would tell Jayson that if he didn't find another days work, her salary would easily take care of everything.

"I think you have a good chance of becoming his number two PA.

Author's note: This story involves a husband who agrees to let his wife have sex with a businessman. If you think this is weird or perverse, then please don't waste your time by reading any further.

Don't leave comments as if you weren't expecting this type of story.

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