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Orthodox leaders throughout the country opposed the law as “immoral” and “monstrous,” and criticized Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for abandoning “Holy Tradition” in support of it.The Holy Synod of Bishops warned it is an “affront to society,” threatens “the sanctity of the family” and will “destroy mankind.” Numerous churches across the nation rang their church bells in mourning upon the bill’s passage.Specifically, the men are laying blame on the government for “systematically destroying the foundational institutions and values of Greek society.” “Our villages are dying out and schools are closing from lack of students.Unfortunately, the authorities are showing their indifference to people who want to give birth and raise their children,” they stated.

The feelings that beautiful faces and bodies rouse in us no doubt seem both personal and instinctive – just as they presumably did for the ancient Greeks who first made and enjoyed these artworks.The pastors called upon citizens and civil authorities to “stop the catastrophic decline of Greece” by repentance and return to Christian values-based laws and education.James Robson does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.For same-sex relationships, the focus is typically on the courtship; for prostitution, it’s on the sexual act; for marriage, it’s on the moment when the groom leads his new wife home. A girl’s father traditionally saw it as his duty to find a suitable husband for his daughter and, importantly, would generally have played a role in finding a wife for his son as well.In Athens, a girl generally got married at about 16 – typically to a man twice her age, often a paternal uncle or an associate of her father’s.

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